Dartmoor Attractions

Things to do


  • Dartmoor District Coach House Museum
  • Waterfall Gardens
  • Heritage Trail
  • Lyons Sculpture Park
  • Glass Inspirations ( Stained Glass Studio )


  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Canoeing
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Bowls


Nearby Attractions

Princess Margaret Rose Caves

Of the many limestone caves in Lower Glenelg National Park, the main cave of the Princess Margaret Rose Caves is the most attractive and the only cave suitable for public use. It contains excellent examples of actively growing stalactites, stalagmites, helictites and other spectacular limestone formations.

* text and photos courtesy of Parks Victoria

Majestic Grampians

The Grampians are a series of four spectacular sandstone ridges running north to south with steep and craggy slopes on the eastern side and gentler slopes to the west. They are the result of earth movements lifting and tilting the hard sandstones creating an impressive landscape of peaks and valleys. There are lookouts with stunning panoramic views as well as a number of picturesque waterfalls.

* text and photos courtesy of Visit Victoria

Coonawarra Wineries

The region is arguably Australia's pre-eminent red wine grape growing region, consistently producing award winning wines as well as being recognized as a centre of excellence in premium wine grape production.

Coonawarra's unique soils produce Australia's best quality red wines.

Penola Website


Blue Lake of Mt Gambier

This is really one of the wonders of the world. To stand on the edge of the Blue Lake, particularly on a beautifully sunny, and to gaze down on something which is so impossibly blue is to marvel at the mysteries of nature. The lake itself is reputedly 75 metres deep and now fills an extinct volcanic crater. It is claimed that the lake is only intensely blue between November and March. During the winter months it returns to an uninspiring greyish colour.

* text and photos courtesy of Walkabout - Australian Travel Guides

Other Notable Attractions

  • Discovery Bay
  • Lower Glenelg National Parks
  • Mary McKillop Trail
  • Historic seaports of Port Fairy and Portland